Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Few of Life's Missing Pieces, I wish I still Had

1. Those 10 bucks Haircuts underneath the Mango Trees!
2. Rum and Coke at Anup Khalkho's Christmas Nights!
3. Hot Samosas, Chai, Shared Suttas (The Golden Puff) and Chilling Rain through the thatched roof!
4. Porn smuggled through the back door in the middle of the night!
5. Gawking at Girls at Subhash Bose Chowk (Real freedom!)
6. Haywards 5000 and Butter Chicken at Punjabi Dhaba!
7. Thinking that Flying Machine was an International Brand!
8. Setting up Chinese Food Stalls for Durga Pooja - Not making any money - Having loads of fun!
9. Reading Mills & Boon and pretending one does not!
10. 7 Rs Lunch shared with Girlfriend at Jal Joga - Salad thrown in Free once the Fatherly waiter realised we did not have much money!