Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Who cooked my Geese

Planning to write a Self-Help Book on how to not only survive, but thrive in the face of loaded questions from the Woman (or Women for those who thrive under challenging circumstances) in your life. Working Title - WHO COOKED MY GEESE!
It will provide the enlightened readers with answers to questions such as:
1. Am I looking fat in this dress? (You really think there is a RIGHT answer to this?)
2. Will you remarry if I die? (The fact that you have even imagined her dead...)
3. What are you thinking? (Hopefully, if you were not thinking anything, you are smart enough to START thinking NOW!)
4. Do you like my new dress/hairstyle? (You mean to say you DID NOT notice!)
5.Do you think "SHE" is prettier than me?(You noticed "HER"!)
6.If you could save only one person from a fire, who would it be, your mum or me? (This is the moment when you need to call your mom and check whether she is fireproof!)
7. Are you sure you want that 9th Pint of your favourite Beer? (Another night without Sex? If thats what you want!)
8. What do you think of my Bum? (A well thought lie could be the difference between a quickie and lifelong celibacy!)
9. What do you want for dinner? (Yup, the danger lurks in it being so innocent!)