Saturday, October 29, 2011

वक्त ने किया क्या...

चंद लम्हे बचे थे मुठ्ठी में, कुछ बह गए थे पानी से
संजोया उन्हें, संभाला उन्हें, की खर्च न हो जाये कहीं।
किताब के पन्नो के बीच, रखा उन्हें ये सोच कर
की सँभालते सँभालते सिलवटें न पर जाये कहीं।

सोचा नहीं एक पल भी ये, किताब भला वो कौन सी थी
इतिहास के पन्नो में भी लम्हे हो जाते हैं गुम।
गणित के गणित में भी लम्हे विलोम हो जाते हैं
फिर कौन सी वो किताब भला जहाँ लम्हे संभाले मैं और तुम।

बूक्शेल्फ़ के एक कोने में फिर,
संकोच में डूबी वो किताब दिखी,
जिसमे कहा था कवि ने एक ,
लम्हे युहीं बहाए जा, बस लम्हे यहाँ बहाए जा।

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sweet 60!

What does 60 mean to you. The fact that each unforgiving minute is full of 60 long seconds and each eternal hour is pieced together by 60 unforgiving minutes notwithstanding, the fact remains that 60 is one of the most unglamorous numbers.

They decided that 50 is a half century and 100 makes you a hero. 60? Who cares for 60. The worst thing is, you retire at 60, making it one of the most dreaded number. Suddenly a virile man becomes old and irritable, or worse, irritating. A sultry aunty becomes a sulking grandma. Shit.

Do you think a song called Summer of 60 would have become famous. Guess not. And pray tell me what position can be called the 60 position, it would lead to nothing but boregasm!

However, as a friend said..."It reminds me of my morning TEA AT SIX" made me recall that every cloud has a silver lining.

When my Dad went to convince his dad that it was ok for a Bihari Rajput to marry a Bengali kayasta...he borrowed 240Rs from his was 4 months worth of his savings from, guess what, his earnings from tuitions of the princely sum of, yes sir, Rs.60! But for those 60 priceless rupees earned each month for four months, where would I be? A nameless, faceless, tadpole shaped, unicellular, uninteresting equivalent of space junk!

When Onion sold for 60...Governments fell!

Guess what people mean when they say make it large? Yup 60ml.

You know what they call a unhealthy collaboration in hindi... ६०-गाँठ!

You know the angles of a equilateral triangle...well they are of 60 degrees each and you superimpose two of these, it becomes...Star of David...the union of male and female...Yin and Yang! Don't underestimate mate!

My next post...number 2...when you fail to succeed...