Monday, December 31, 2012

Welcome 2013:Resolve

Ok...So we all had fun...Danced away 2012...wished away Nirbhaya...washed down the guilt with loads of alcohol and lived on in high hopes...This new year we will be wiser, richer, healthier, kinder, cleaner. We will not kill the Tiger, or Women, or sanity.
All things that we resolved to do in 2012...and 11 and 10, at the beginning of the millenium, etc.
When will the resolving stop and the doing start!
Ok, so it was not all that bad either...Sachin finally retired gracefully, although partially. Obama was elected again (So was Narendra win some, you lose some!) although the Sun no longer revolves around the US of A. Antimatter occasionally replaced antinationals on the front page. We saw a few slim politicians (some with slim brains). Sunny Leone actually got some respect!
Mamtadi occasionally talked sense and manmohanda occasionally talked. Rahul never did! Broken records were occasionally replaced with real breaking news, although not all were ones we had wished for.It wasn't all that bad, I guess.
नया साल आपको मंगलमय हो।
Will 2013 be different...Sherlyn Chopra will grace the cover of playboy and it will be ok. Girls will go out at night and it will be ok. Parties won't get classified as "Rave" parties just because your drinks were longer or skirts shorter.
People will be loved and things will be used and not the other way!
Vaginas will get the same respect as Lingams!
Not to forget...some people will quit smoking, some will lose weight, many will turn vegetarian, more treadmills will be sold, many more will be scrapped.
Here's wishing for a happy new everything!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Delhi Gangrape: The Nirbhaya Story

I was just being curious about who reads this page and accidently stumbled upon this map.

It dawned on me then that (a) posts in Hindi may not work (unless everyone on that map is Hindi speaking) (b) its more than just musings that needs to be put up,and (c) it's an opportunity to use this to say something useful.
Today, I want to speak about the gangrape victim in Delhi whom Times of India named Nirbhaya and accidently made her more than just a fleeting news item in my life by virtue of a shared name.
People have said a lot of things about being careful, about self defence, about the need for courage (specifically in her case, her courageous will to live and hence the name which in Hindi means the fearless one). The point is being missed. To live, the only thing needed is freedom, more than anything else.
Subjugation whether at the hand of rapists, or at the hands of a well meaning society is despicable. Every time you ask a woman to be careful when she steps out of her house (and within her house as well...for ages mothers and grandmothers have told little girls at or near puberty to sit properly, tie their hairs, get fully dressed before coming out of the bathroom etc...if their are male family members, even at home, are just walking libidos!), you are telling her...girl, you are not free! You must be alert, you must not do certain things, you must not make certain choices, you must not call attention to yourself!
And how, dear well meaning society, is she supposed to do that? Sink to the ground...Like Sita did when she was subjugated by her own Husband! A husband who punished his wife because of his own inability to teach the society around him to protect her honour!
Isn't it what we do all the time! Punish women for our own criminal indifference!
A Society where women protect themselves is no society. A Society where women feel no need for protection, well...that is what we need to strive for.
Nirbhaya isn't a courageous girl fighting to survive...Nirbhaya is just a poor, battered, violated soul with a broken body, shattered dreams, and a bruised existence in front of her. She is a true reflection of the kind of society we are...poor, battered, violated! Whether we have a bruised existence in front of us...depends on what we do hereon. Use of teargas is such an apt metaphor for a society with very little emotions left in us. Water cannons are needed big time to cleanse our souls and maybe, just maybe lathicharge is the only way to wake us up!
people are not meant to be abused. People are not to be used either. People are meant to be loved. When do we start loving?

Coorg...Driving in the Rain!

Road to Heaven
Wanted to Publish this immediately after my return for an astounding road trip lasting over 3 days. It was not meant to be and have struggled over months to put this together before dciding today that I must put this up as it is.
However, seems like a bad waste of a good photograph, so thought of publishing this piece nevertheless.
All I can say, try it and please, the roads may not be great, but the journey is. Believe.


Sunday, August 26, 2012


ज़रूरी नहीं कि वो मिल जाए
यकीन न हो तो उनको पूछ
ज़ेरोक्स कॉपी जो जिये किसी और की ज़िंदगी
वापस न खुद को ढूँढ पाए
विस्तार  आसमान तलाशते हुए
उनको मिली नहीं अपनी ही ज़मीं.
तनिक रुकते ज़रा के क्या चाहिये
सोचते  के ज़िंदगी खर्च करें तो कैसे
रुपये कमाने मे क्या रूह बेची कहीं
क़यामत के आने पर, सोचा क्या जायेगा साथ
पहचान कमायी क्या अपने लिए
ओछेपन में ही या बिताए ये लम्हें.
नादानिया की, और बने होशियार
मिले ना खुद से, पर देखा ज़माना
लाख रुपये की जिंदगी
किश्तों में बेची यहीं कहीं.
जिसने भी चाहा है उसको है बेचा
इसको बेचा और उसको भी बेचा
हम कहीं मैं में गुम हुए
गुम हुए जो अपने थे.
फ़नाह हुए जो सपने थे
एकाकी हुए, हम अपनो मे
दोस्ती टंग गई फेसबुक के वाल मे
चलो उतारें उसे उस वाल से
भिगोए कपड़े से पोछे उसे
और ओढ़ के उसको निकल पड़े बस...

Friday, August 10, 2012

Blame it on the Rain

कभी बारिश के पानी में घंटों नहाये थे
कभी छोटी सी गुमटी के नीचे चाय-पकोड़े खाए थे
कभी  टपकती छत के नीचे बाल्टी के भरने का किया इंतज़ार था
और सीलन  भरी दीवारों पे बन  आई मधुबाला से प्यार था
चलो  बारिश ओढ़ कर बन जाए इन्द्रधनुष
कहें  लोग क्या रंग  छोड़ गया वाह क्या कलाकार  था.

वो काली घटाओं का मंज़र
बूंदें भी सह्नायियाँ सुनाती थीं
मेढकों की तरर तरर
जुगलबंदी  बन जाती थीं
दीवारों की  सीलन में  खिंच आई वो अक्स हमे भी याद है
जवानी की वो आवारा  गलियाँ मन में आज़ाद हैं.

प्याज , हरी मिर्च और उबले हुए अंडे
खाए  थे हमने जो पीपल के नीचे
टमाटरों को देखा था भीगते हुए
कुछ पिल्लै भी भीगे थे अंखियों को मीचे
मुढ़ी  वाली आई  थी, उसको  चाय पिलाई  थी
और चौखट  पर बैठ कर उससे  गप्पें लड़ाई थी
क्या  तुमको भी दिखती है ये तस्वीर
या  वो कैनवास  ही धुल गयी जहाँ   इसको बनायीं थी.

मासूमियत के आगोश  में लड़कपन बितायी थी
कागज़  की कस्तियाँ हमने भी बनायीं थी
तस्वीर है अब भी वहां 
जहाँ उसको बनायीं थी
बस धुल पड़ी  है कुछ उसको हटाओ 
हाथों से अपने ये तस्वीर फिर बनाओ.

उसी इन्द्रधनुषी  चादर से निकाल  लाओ वो सारे रंग
छिडको हवा  में आसमान  को दो रंग
की बूंदों को गुमान हो कलाकार की कुची में
सही कर दो वो काम  जो हैं  इंतज़ार की सूचि में
अपनी ख्वाहिशों  की बारिश को पीलो
छोटी सी  ज़िन्दगी को  सींचो और जी लो.