Saturday, June 28, 2014

airport ki ek raat

It can be real fun stuck at an airport in an unearthly hour. Otherwise handsome people lying around in ungainly pose, snoring away, blissfully unaware of their inadequacy in the beauty sweep stake. Then there are those who continue to be somehow relevant to the world at 2.30am, urgently typing away that e-mail they are sure someone will read, appreciate, respond to and act upon. The world continues to turn. Across from where one sits, there is this baby, wide eyed, pink nosed, as far removed from sleep as David was from Goliath's nose. Then there is this girl, arguably beautiful, perched at the edge of her seat, pink delicate loafers dangerously and carelessly slipped on on her feet. Yes, life can be interesting at unGodly hours. Of course.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

न हिन्दू , न मुसलमां है मेरा चाँद

कभी सोचा कि किसकी पूजा होती है  कैसी
के अलग अलग मन्दिर  में जाते  हैं सब।
जब  डुबकी गंगा मे लगाए  है पण्डित,
मुर्गा देता देखो बांग गज़ब।

और यही नहीं है बात अनोखी
और पूजारी है बिचरे  ब्रम्हाण्ड।
कि देखो  है कैसा सबका  ये संगी,
न हिन्दू , न मुसलमां है मेरा चाँद।

देखो कैसा रंग चढ़ा है,
उजला उजला सौम्य बहोत। 
क्या शर्माता ईद में ये है
और क्या इतराता करवाचौथ।

हाँ , न  हिन्दू , न मुसलमां है मेरा चाँद,
पर क्यूँ  हिन्दू  न मुसलमां है मेरा चाँद।