Saturday, February 16, 2013

New Age of Innocence

Cars were small and rented
And it was alright
Scooters were Bajaj
Frequently dented, seldom painted
Heads were high, backs upright
फ़िर क्या हो गया आज।

Homes must be 3BHK
2000sqft or more
Jacuzzis in the bathroom
Shower panels, buckets no way
Carpets on the floor
सर गया है घुम।

More is no more, more
Rest in peace it must
Can't make do with less
More walks in through the door
Dust, finally will become dust
मौत सच है , मौत अवशेष।

New age of innocence
Will rise from the ashes
Once, we burn away the fat
Of falsehood and nonsense
Away the dark night washes
जब गिरेगी अच्छे दिन की बरसात।