Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Deranged or what

It’s been a while that I wrote anything. Whether on this Blog or elsewhere, elsewhere being the two books I am working on right now.

The first one, all of 10000 words written in 10 days in February, and languishing since in a remote folder of my laptop is contemporary in nature, which does not talk about the India that seems to permeate Indian writing in English - India of Squalor, of strife, of the rich and the poor where elephants and princes’ still roam around in abundance – this does not talk about that, instead it talks about the fairly ordinary, mundane, uninteresting middle class India, which lives in small towns, dreams of big cities, and does rather well for itself and finds no mention, naturally so, in IWE. The second one, might be of some interest to those big ticket agents, because it talks about an India that is of interest, snake charmers and all and to add to that actually goes back in history more than a hundred years. This is my ticket to fame, seriously, the one which will prevent my fall from grace for being a non-conformist. Here I conform. Unfortunately, this has not progressed beyond the 1000 pages of research and 100 words of beginning. Shit.

To begin before shit happened, as I said, I have not written anything meaningful for close to two months, and its getting on my nerves.

But, why would I not write, when I love writing and have always done so. I don’t believe in Writers Block, and anyway it can’t happen to a novice like me whose only publishing credit is about half a dozen Blog entries, read mostly by well meaning family and friends. So what is it that holds me back?

I think what holds me back is the fact that I have been feeling like Winnie the Pooh with Alice in Wonderland, if you get what I mean. Or to phrase that more meaningfully, I have felt like a Viagra Pill inside a castrated Dog! Lost.

But then again, as I keep saying, one, there’s more to life than High5’s and two, nothing keeps me from being my usual self, and that’s being a little over-cheerful and a little under-crazy.

So, here I am, back from the brink, anything but extinct, looking as good as shit would look when dressed in a bowtie, i.e. looking myself, bad color combination and all. I have so much to talk about; I don’t know where to begin. Do I begin at the point where I stopped; I was then talking about the rights of pets? But then that’s trivia when you consider all that’s happening around us –The father of the constitution which unifies this country has become the chief mascot of separatists, morons rule the world and all that’s within, Priyanka redefines sanity and forgiveness while all around us insanity prevails.

Where do I begin?

Let’s do something innovative. Let’s try and make this a group activity. Where do I begin being the last thread, may I request you to put in a comment in the comments sections which when added to this original post, makes it look like a continuous article? Lets say in about 150-200 words? I promise to edit this and incorporate the best of the lot to the original with due credit to the author of that part.

Interesting? Or just a dumb trick by me to get you to do all the writing? Makes us think.


Prateeknkumar said...

Where do I begin.....the meandering experience of childhood...where constitution was a part of History/Civics think of it even then it took a back seat to Robert Frost and Amar Chitra Katha...I guess that's how it was meant to be ,Father of Constitution...then had to gave way to Amar and now to the nameshake and maya....while the Indian Middle Class gets up the bed everyday cursing and...caring 2 hoot about the constitution or the schizophrenic politicians...running after Maya..time to go back to the childhood days where dreams had wings,ambitions and aspirations or as Frost stated .."The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep"

Passionate said...

Liked your blog but I still wonder what is exactly there in those two books ???

I could relate the thoughts in your this post with the thoughts of many people around & with my thoughts also. And that is...
Random!!! Life's becoming so random... Your gut feel mismatch your passion mismatch your schedule mismatch your hobby mismatch your work mismatch your responsibilities mismatch you desires mismatch your commitments mismatch your thoughts mismatch the begining of it mismatch the end of it and it mismatches you...

All in all there's so much mismatching out there, coz of the compressed life we are forced to live upon sarcasticaly. Today I don't have any post, any topic & any title to write about. But still i am writing out my heart...whatever i want to irrespective of any mismatches... & here I start free flowing....

bas yuhin hanse ja rahe kiye ja rahe hain....zindagi ke maje liye ja rahe hain!!
Koi fikar nahi....koi parwaah nahi....bas aish kiye ja rahe hain!! Muskurate ja rahe hain!!!