Saturday, January 2, 2010

Another Year Gone and the next one on its way out by the days!

So 2009 is history, so is day one of 2010! How time flies.
Well, well, well! So how was 2009, I ask. Was it all of what family, friends, well wishers and unknown numbers promised you at the stroke of Midnight, Jan 1, 2009 through hastily forwarded SMS's most of which you forwarded, but did not reply to?
That brings me to the next question. How many of those hastily forwarded messages of Jan 1, 2010 and the well wishes they bring have moved you to tears? I got more messages from unknown numbers than from people I interact with on a daily basis. These unknown numbers, most of which, I did not bother to find out and assign a name to, are people from the past, some recent, most not so recent, all however, well meaning people, who become supersenti about your well being for exactly a day on 01-01-whatever before getting on with their "normal" lives the next day. Who cares about 3-idiots when we have all turned out to be 300000 idiots despite educations best effort!
Let it be. Lets' not become cruelly disillusioned at 2:34am on Day 2 of the TENTIES, as someone suggested this decade should be called. Pun or no pun, suggest its high time, we pitched our TENTS in the backyards of new beginnings and give up on silly middle class dreams! For every Ambani there are a million Nobanis and for every Tata, there are those bye-byes.
TOI and Jang group came out with "Aman ki Asha" to foster peace between India and Pakistan. A good beginning. I hope it tests the boundaries of the human spirit and makes the impossible, possible. Even the Berlin Wall fell.
Someone asked me what my new year resolution was. Quite honestly, I was flummoxed. Resolution, huh? I thought we discussed those when our carefully prepared PowerPoint presentations didn't look quite quite so carefully prepared when we projected them on the Big Screen. But, then again, That's what we have made of our lives, one hell of a PowerPoint pesentation, where you move from slide to slide, justifying a point of view, knowling fully well, that it's as easy to make a contrarian presentation using exactly the same material!
HIV AIDS, remains the greatest of killers, as ever and we are busy promoting the H1N1 vaccine. Ruchika continues to search for justice after almost 2 decades and we are figuring out what to call the next decade. The media decides to fight for her cause, only once the TRPs become guaranteed. Jharkhand votes for change by completely ensuring the ruling party does not get enough seats। The same guy becomes CM again!
And yes fairness cream was doing as brisk a business as ever.
खुश है ज़माना आज पहली तारीख है! मीठा है खाना आज पहली तारीख है!
Well, I resolved, not to resolve.
Happy New Year!


Abhinav said...

Firstly, A very Happy New year to u and ur family!


well the new year resolution for me is no resolve at all.. take life as it comes...!

AV said...

'I resolved, not to resolve'
i took tat resolution a long time ago n m sticking to it!!:)
nice post!
new year wishes to u too.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...

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