Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ABCD: A Life in the Day of a Human Person

A day begins like any other,
Begins on a promise and a song
Could not have been any better
Does not need to go wrong.

Effortlessly it starts to roll across
Fun way to get the job done
Greatness begets greatness, it does
Hope you notice before the day is gone.

In a flash it passes by
Just when you start to enjoy it
Kind Sun moves through the sky
Laughing like an activist.

Moonlight rests on its haunches
Night spreads its slow cheer,
One, two, three, come out in bunches
Pub-ward bound for a Pint of Beer.

Quiet descends as spirits soar
Restless hearts, trancelike state
Some are happy, some are sore
Twice the singles, half with date.

Unless you live the day
Very little chance you stand
Whether a prince or on daily pay
Xenomorphic day, try and understand.

Your day is not over, no Sir
Zariba day, Zariba enclosure.


avdi said...

Nice poem, Prabash.

Leo P L said...

Nice one, I liked the flow.


Prabhash said...

I just thought it might be fun to try and write something which started with A and each subsequent line started with the enxt Alphabet. Thankfully the flow came quite naturally.

Anonymous said...

Great poetry.
Please write more.


Abhinav said...

seriously, wonderful way to carve out some meaning out of those 26 letters!