Sunday, March 15, 2009

10 Reasons why Matrimonial Sites Don't Work

I was browsing through a matrimonial site and came across these hilarious profiles. No. Don't get me wrong, I have no intention of marrying any of these men! Its just that I was actually scouting for masala for my Blog.
1. 35 Year old Divorcee father of two is looking for a 26 year old virgin girl.
Experience should carry youth along if this country is to develop!
2. A Charcoal Black guy (Michael Jackson wasn't fair to begin with people!) is looking for very fair, milky white girl.
You want dalmatians as offsprings.
3. A well settled software engineer is looking for a beautiful, homely, working (well settled, software? does not seem to matter) girl.
An unsettled cook-cum-maid will bring more spice to life.
4. A short and plump highly successful professional is looking for a slim and health conscious girl.
You the Brand Manager for Kelloggs K Challenge?
5. A Milky White, spiritual, ambivert (Where's the fucking dictionary guys?) from a close knit family is looking for a tall, working, fashion consciuos very fair girl.
You looking for a MTV VJ? Sheetal Malhar matches your partner profile to 6Sigma levels but does not qualify.
6. A very handsome (His parents did a Gallup Poll it seems) family oriented guy is looking for a sasural oriented girl.
Too many families spoil the equation.
7. A Guy who has visisted Europe and USA several times and whose parents are well settled in Mumbai and whose ancestral roots are in Mugalsarai is looking for a homely girl.
The girl should not have ventured beyond champaran.
8. A 38 year old straight forward guy is looking for a girl with substance and youthfulness.
Looking for an underage drug addict dude?
9. Someone is looking for a tall, fair, jovial, homely, accomodative, traditional and custom oriented working girl who can also cook, iron, and darn.
You obviously wants to have multiple partners. Naughty you!
10. A personal with wit, charm, energy, 6 figure salary and six pack abs, is looking for just about any girl from any background.
He is obviuosly gay and is doing this just to get his parents to shut up.


avdi said...

Hilarious, 8 9 and 10 really take the cake.

Mansi said...

It's simply awesome!!!

Prabhash said...

Thank you Avdi, Mansi, for your comments. Keep on reading...

Prachi Bansal said...

i have written sth really similar to ur post in my blog..

The Pink Orchid said...

it was oh so funny...and what's more funny is all this is for real.. ha ha ha..

mukhwinder kaur said...

very nicely commented on the issue. I have chosen the similar topic for my masters thesis work but instead of online matrimonial adds I have selected the print media and the results are even more shocking. while reading the adds in newspaper i came across one very stupid add which included such content " 55 years NRI boy, innocently divorced within 3 months,having good business in Canada, seeks extremely beautiful unmarried girl between 23-26years"

Anonymous said...

Fucking Font bitch

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