Monday, February 23, 2009

A Small Town Boy Lives on...

Before I begin farting about my life on this post, let me first post my tribute to another small town boy - the one that every screwed-up news anchor worth his salt, never mind his limited knowledge of how the Oscars, or the Film Industry work - has been farting about. A.R.Rehman. Yes Sir, the same guy who gave us memorable music for Roja, or Bombay or Dil Se (Chaiya, Chaiya to my mind is decidedly better than Jai Ho, unfortunately Dil Se is not a Hollywood movie!)
Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, Jai Ho is my current Caller Tune-maybe its because of Sukhwinders rustic charm, I love A.R. Rehman (despite sometimes finding his music too geeky, as in Computer Perfected, missing the human touch) and I am happy that a Indian Music Composer has won not one but two Oscars! Kudos!.
But that's about it guys, period. Everything else about the Movie's technical side is decidedly as un-Indian as it can get. It's a Hollywood Movie and like many other Brilliant Hollywood movies before it, has won multiple Oscars. Big Deal. Move On. In fact, look within yourself to figure out why an Indian Producer, and an Indian Director, could not figure out a good way to make the same movie in India - after all it was an Indian Story! (Sorry Madhur Bhandarkar, you make nice movies, want an Oscar - Move to Hollywood Man! the Media will go mad about you, not that its not already quite mad!)
I for one, would have been more satisfied, if such a movie would have (1) Been appreciated by most often than not, an Indian Audience with Quite Shallow Taste (2) Won 10 Filmfare awards instead!
So, here I repeat myself. Kudos A.R. Rehman for winning an Oscar. Don't forget however, that you have given better music earlier as well, do cherish your other awards, despite all the media hype about this one.
Screw everything else about Slumdog Millionaire!
My Life will have to wait, its not Oscar worthy! Do I care dog shit!


Prateek N kumar said...

The Paradox with us Indians is we refuse to acknowledge the genious and are oppurtunist enough to tag aything with "Made in India" as soon as it becomes world it Kalpana Chawla,Amartya Sen or Hargobind Khorana.....Slumdog is just a carry forward of past practices...... after saying that lets not take away from Indians associated with this movie what is their due......What will be intresting to watch is the life of the kid stars who live daily the life of rags......

Nautankey said...

ARR the man whose sounds have been there all thru my life.Every episode in my life I wud attribute a ARR song.And I feel like I had won the award.

Abt Slumdog,i think its just a story and a movie not india's tourism development material.Its hilarious when people like priyadarshan who had given us crappy movies criticize the movie.

The criticism reminds me of shangai movie guys wondering why they cud not make a movie like kungfu panda.While we need boyle to show mumbai,they need a shekar kapoor to show the elizabethian era :)

And lets accept it oscar is a western movie award and bandarkar or anyone unless they makes movies for hollywood studios in english can't get there.

avdi said...

I thought the movie was so-so... n the music not the best. I liked the Ring ring ringa better.. but it has slightly obscene lyrics, with the khatmal going here and there.. so maybe it wasnt nominated. I didnt think much of the background music either.

par chalo, we got oscars to our name, as if it matters.