Wednesday, February 11, 2009

There's still more to life than High5s

My sincere apologies to all my fans out there -Gotcha! You thought for a moment I had loads of those, didn’t ya – nevertheless, my sincere apologies to the friends and family who indulge me by reading my Blog. I admit, I have been lazy, worse still, I have rationalized my inaction by blaming it on my busy (read that as mundane) schedule.

Forgive me, forgive me, and forgive me. Better still, bludgeon me to death and ask me for forgiveness instead! There is no excuse for inaction. Any action is better than that.

I have been busy trying to reach intellectual orgasm these last few months – rationalizing, thinking, Obamargasming, etc. Basically – fuck all those who have issues with the use of this word – I was failing miserably in trying to get an intellectual erection, do they make Viagra for the brain I wonder. Do they make brains?

Barack Obama captured public sentiments – so much so that my daughter recognizes SRK, Aamir Khan and Barack Hussein Obama – in fact she thinks the world has Obama and the world has “other bamas”! Talk about denting our collective conscience.

Kasab also captured public sentiments – for the wrong reasons – although Pakistan still thinks that he is a figment of the imagination of over 1billion people!

While public sentiments was busy getting captured, some “mut-alike” fellow was busy curbing private sentiments, putting “loose” women in their rightful place. He got truck loads of Pink Chaddis, G-string and all, to stuff in his mouth!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and so are the moral police, take your pick. Roses are going to cost INR50 a stick, otherwise sensible women are going to swoon at the sight of pink teddy bears, and honest single men are going to feel like jerks, and will prowl the college and work campuses in search of a date! Add the “culture” factor – never mind we are in the “Devadasi Backyard and voila, you have the making of front page stories. Men who there own mothers don’t know exist would suddenly be made into instant celebrities because they beat up young boys and molested young women in the name of safeguarding Indian culture!

What irony that a country whose Prime Minister is called “Man Mohan” aka “Chitchor” aka stealer of hearts has no heart!

I bet the two women who will get the most roses will be “Behen ji” and “Sonya ji”.

While people were discussing about their rights to get into a pub and drink till they drop dead – good luck to them – I suddenly realized that there are more Pubs and Bars in Bangalore than schools!

Are we fighting for the right cause folks?


avdi said...

hmmmm as good as ever

Prabhash said...
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Prabhash said...

Thanks a ton, I have started another blog at-the-redlight. I am inviting people to contribute interesting stories/snippets of what they see/imagine while they wait for signal to turn green.

Nautankey said...

Great observation.And looks like blore has more drunkards than students :). Govt shud bring in some restriction about no.of bars/pubs per km kinds. In chennai we have 2-3 bars in the same street. And I wish the culture watchdogs do something better in life,why not beat up men who tease women n pass lewd comments.They wud get something more than pink chaddis.