Monday, March 3, 2014

Mental Floss!

There they are, smelly, fibrous, difficult to extract, meaty thoughts lying in some back of beyond corners of our brains. Thoughts yellowing with age like a smokers teeth, thoughts bellowing with rage like a bull in heat. These thoughts await action, much like our teeth await a round of dental floss.

Call it mental floss!

Some of these thoughts have just hung around there. Much like those adolescent boys who loafed around Pandey's house, waiting to take a glimpse (pun intended) of his nubile, and must I add, half his age wife's antics with her pallu.

Some other thoughts hide in street corner "chai ki tapri" of our brains, their laughter carried to heavens in shared cigarette smokes, stirred to perfection in "by2" tea glasses, wrapped in parcels of yesterday's newspapers.

There are those occasional thoughts that get flushed down the banal toilets of our minds, having churned to a mess.

Above all, however, remain those thoughts, that got flesh in those sultry summer nights when even a touch of one's beloved would have burnt a hole in the skin. Thoughts that came and went under starlit skies, with a table fan, a 100watts light bulb, unfinished homework, a whiskey bottlefull of water and some dreams for company. These are the thoughts that defined the transition from boy to man, from colt to stallion and from dreamer to doer.

When thoughts become mildewed, and actions become damp, that is the time for a moment in the sun!

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Murali said...

Interesting...true. Some need nurturing, some flushing. Thoughts keeps us rolling...