Saturday, March 22, 2014

Vote India!

Revolutions in our hearts mean nothing, if not followed by Candles in our hands and Journeys in our feet!

So if all of us believe that there are things to change in this country, if we believe that there are many things going wrong for us and strong, decisive leadership is the way out of this mess, then we need to Vote.  

If we believe that this country is not doing enough to keep its women safe and it’s not doing enough to provide decent education and wholesome meals to its kids, then we need to Vote.

If we believe that criminals take up space where honest men belong, and we believe that poverty is not because we don’t have enough resources, just that we don’t have enough will then we need to Vote.

If we believe that teaching a man to fish is far more important than doling out fish to him, then we need to Vote.

Despite its many shortcomings, India has a vibrant, participative, engaging democracy. If you are going to spend your Voting Holiday - mind you, it’s a day to fulfill your constitutional responsibility. IT.IS.NOT.A.HOLIDAY - watching a movie at the mall, remember that the mall and the movie of choice exist because we are a democracy. Please don’t endanger it by not Voting and thereby ensuring default election of someone who is not suitable.

If you are going to find the long weekend very enticing to take a well-deserved vacation, road trip, etc. Please remember that vacations are a pipe dream and road trips can cost you your life in many parts of the world (and some parts of India).

Don’t give up this opportunity to preserve our democracy.

Over the last two decades, the election commission has worked hard to make voting as comfortable an exercise as possible. We are a large country, it’s not always easy to reach out to all of us all the time, but these guys are doing their bit. It’s time we did out bit.

Go to the poll booth early, exercise your franchise and then and only then by all means watch that movie, take that vacation, go to that mall or have that Beer.

Issued in Public Interest by a Khaas Admi (Lets not carry our "aam"ness on our sleeves, we are all very very special!)

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